Montauban.  Monastery of the exhibition “Young Eyes” in Espace Perbusk

Montauban. Monastery of the exhibition “Young Eyes” in Espace Perbusk

The last day is today, Friday, December 22, to see the “Young Eyes” exhibition at Espace Perbusk. The story began on Wednesday, November 29th. Thanks to the ID’J system, three young artists, two of them volunteers, on a civil service mission, presented their unique works.

This exhibition is the result of a partnership between the Youth Center which supported young artists (Eva Andrianinina, Maria Sardone and Florian Mollet) and the Heritage Library headed by Audrey Auvroy, which coordinates the project and which proposes a comparison of contemporary works and heritage documents.

Eva Andrianinina takes a new look at Montauban, the most emblematic places in drawings and paintings.

From photographs, Maria Sardoni creates paintings that have multiple readings, leaving room for the imagination.

Finally, Florian Mollet, associated with life events and important dates, draws comics in which his heroes act as message bearers.

Introductory drawing, painting and watercolor workshops were held in mid-December.

– “Young Eyes” exhibition from 9 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Perbusque temporary space, 2, rue Edouard Herriot in Montauban.

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