Sood Sarth: A digital space to help you with your administrative procedures |  mail

Sood Sarth: A digital space to help you with your administrative procedures | mail

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At the postal agency Vouvray-sur-Loiremunicipality of Montval-sur-Loire (South Sarthe), all the classic operations associated with this service are available: mail, registered mail, parcel sending, etc. Operations Essential: “Also, only for Vouvray residents, we can collect their parcel if they are not present at their home,” explains Nathalie, the municipal agent for the building.

A digital self-service space

but that is not all. Since February 2023, the Vouvray-sur-Loire Postal Agency has provided a digital space to assist residents.

Natalie explains:

It is simply a free digital website open to everyone. It is a real local service, beneficial to residents, not just Vouvray. Anyone who wants to use it is welcome.

It is not possible to prendre the location of the screen and benéficier of the number of administrative departments: the site ANTS for the identification papers, passeport, permission to connect… Also for the impôts, the site Ameli, or more. the bank.

“About three weeks ago, I was able to help someone who needed to return a document related to his license. He had a digital tablet, but no scanner, and he couldn’t get to his end.” steps Single. “This space is not only intended for those who do not know how to use digital technology, but also for those who lack equipment,” Natalie concludes.

Please note that the postal agency will be closed from December 26 to 29, 2023 due to the end-of-year holidays.

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Vouvray-sur-Loir Postal Agency working hours: Monday to Friday from 8:45 am to 12:15 pm Direct agency number: 02 43 79 04 88.

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