Current status at Amazon, Conrad, and Otto & Co.

Current status on Amazon, MediaMarkt, and Saturn & Co.

Much more potential PlayStation 5 buyers I’ve been waiting for this for several weeks, but now it has to finally be over again: After processing many previous pre-orders, the fourth wave of PS5 sales has taken place at various retailers like Saturn, Gamestop, or MediaMarkt seem. But also in the calendar week, dealers are planning 9 more sales campaigns, “” reports. We have the latest information for you:

10.03. When will Amazon, Saturn and Conrad sell the PS5? | current situation

Update AM 10.03: PlayStation 5 buyers are still waiting to see if the The PS5 is finally on sale. According to rumors, the shipping giant is supposed to do just that Up to 15,000 PlayStation 5 controllersA: This will be the biggest sale on PS5 in months. However, we cannot officially confirm or verify this data. Whether actually sells PS5 consoles this week, Also quite uncertain: at the moment it looks as if it is the turn of the European neighbors and the United Kingdom.

But the last few days and weeks have shown that short-term selling is possible anytime today and tomorrow! For merchants, to PS5 buyers as well You should be monitoring on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, Belongs to Conrad And the

Based on the experience of the past few weeks, we strongly recommend that you stop by Amazon & Co. Time and time again, because PlayStation 5 sales can start anytime and without warning:

Update 09.03 AM: It appears to have already happened: Amazon And the Amazon PlayStation 5 goes on sale this morning! According to, German PlayStation 5 buyers still need to be patient, as Amazon is not expected to sell a larger PS5 unit until next week. But in principle, the merchant does not show his cards, which is why we still recommend it For watching today.

Update AM 08.03: So far, no retailer has started selling another PS5. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm rumors of significant deliveries from Amazon to PlayStation 5 consoles, but is one of the last major retailers to not be selling PS5 consoles for long, which is why the chances are good.

Update AM 07.03:

Retailers have been known to hold back sales at the weekend. However, there are more PlayStation 5 consoles on the way to retailers these days. It’s as if many of the PlayStation 5’s small and medium-sized sales could start again next week, but the chance of a bigger PS5 selling won’t increase until mid / end of March!

Update AM 05.03:after this Yesterday the PlayStation 5 went on sale, it became clear in the evening that it must have been a very limited console. Because it’s annoying, some buyers on Twitter complained about cancellation emails from The online retailer cited “technical difficulties” during the ordering process as the cause.

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Update March 4, 9:15 am: PlayStation 5 has been on sale for a short time! While the console is selling in a jiffy, a bundle with the exclusive “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and the exclusive “Playstation 5: Digital Edition” has been available for a short while! But in the meantime, the limited collection is out of stock again!

Update March 3rd, 12:00 noon.: PlayStation 5 goes on sale at around 11:15 am as a package with “Immortals: Fenyx Rising”. But not only was the site completely overloaded within a short period of time, the sale ended soon after. The PS5 bundle is already sold out. It remains unclear if and when more PS5 sales can be expected today!

Update AM 03.03:

Tuesday was also unsatisfactory from the point of view of PS5 buyers. No dealer has initiated a major sales campaign. According to, this is also due to the fact that there are still some delivery issues around the PlayStation 5. However, the situation could change at any time and the PS5 could suddenly go on sale at many retailers.

Update AM 02.03:

From a PlayStation 5 point of view, Monday was quite quiet: all potential PS5 buyers were still waiting, among other things. Amazon.deAnd the and Launching their PS5 consoles and packages. But why are these merchants? In fact, Amazon, Otto, and Conrad are among the industry giants who haven’t started their PS5 sales campaign in the past two weeks.

At the moment, according to, it looks like several sales of PlayStation 5 small and large consoles will take place this week. But as past days and weeks have shown, there can unfortunately be a new PS5 sale at any time and without warning. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to predict when individual retailers will put the PS5 up for sale.

the games

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This is how the PlayStation 5 went on sale in the last calendar week

25.02. sells PlayStation 5

Update: after About PlayStation 5 Around 11:40 AM It went up for sale, and all shares rose California. 11:55 PM Previously run out!

02/24 The PS5 is sold out in Saturn and Mediamarkt for now

With and Two more big dealers have the new traders PlayStation 5 devices They went on sale mainly in the form of multiple game packs last weekend and early new week. The last big sale for many PS5 buyers, was a mixed week: Several sales promotions were put off on relatively short notice. In some cases, the PS5 units sold out quickly. And dealers like expert PlayStation 5 sales started at midnight. The demand for PlayStation 5 has once again blown up the limited number of consoles that were already put up for sale.

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As of today, on February 25th, there are still no sell windows for another dealer. Probably,, and This week or next week it could still go into sales of the PS5. Whether it is Thursday or not until Friday is currently unexpected.

02/18 These dealers had a PS5 for sale

Update: PlayStation 5 mini set for sale in bundle with Spider-Man: Miles Morales: PlayStation 5 + Spider-Man

The last few days, And the They put their PlayStation 5 consoles up for sale and have seen a massive surge. to me ““At least another retailer is supposed to start selling the PS5 today: Unfortunately, from this and when sales of PlayStation 5 will start, there is currently still quite open. In fact, retailers are increasingly relying on console packages with a second console and possible PS5 – Play.

02/15 German traders do not want to announce the sale in advance

Last week was a bit disappointing for many PS5 buyers. Just Medimax And the GameStop Brought new PS5 units for sale in Germany. In Austria, was by far the largest seller.

But this week must be finally ready: any minute it can New sale for PlayStation 5 at Amazon, Media Market, Saturn & Co. Start. the problem: Unfortunately, merchants will not communicate in advance with an exact start date. As now reports, there are major concerns that the servers may crash due to an influx of clients. It has already formally confirmed, for example, that there will be no advance information on PS5 sales.

11/2: These dealers have already sold the PS5

In the morning The PlayStation 5 Put up for sale. Initially, both the standard edition and the digital edition were sold out. Packages with games were also available at a later time. All PlayStation 5 variants are now completely sold out again. Media Market Germany can follow suit today with a similar offer! It was the first German retailer to start selling the PS5 Around 14:00. After a few minutes that was Share PS5 console Already sold.

10/2 Swiss merchant starts

As the first retailer in German-speaking countries, Swiss retailer “World of Games” ( Put up for sale. Both the regular PS5 (499 CHF) and digital PS5 (399 CHF) are currently available again and are limited to one copy per buyer! Incoming traders should also start selling in Germany in the coming days. Update: As announced by World of Games, the fourth wave of sales had to end soon after because all PS5 consoles had already sold out. Thus writes “Game World”: “Unfortunately, our current line of PS5 consoles have already been sold. So we have to hold the PS5 pre-sales on hold for an indefinite period of time.”

The next Swiss trader really wants to be tomorrow, that is Fust.chTo start selling PS5. For now, German retailers like, & Co. They will start selling PlayStation 5 this weekend. We will keep you updated here!

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Buying the PS5: When Will the Fourth Wave of Sales Begin?

There is currently no specific information on when exactly that would happen a discount Dependent PlayStation 5 You must start. Unfortunately this will not“ Reports indicate that German dealers will not report the start of sales of the PS5 in advance for fear of a rush of visitors.

However, once it becomes clear when the official PS5 will start selling, we will try to get that across as soon as possible.

DualSense controller for PS5the games

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PS5 Sale: These Dealers Will Be There for Wave 4!

DualSense controller for PS5
The PS5 is finally back in online stores! Sony Playstation / Xenia Bluhem Photography

Meanwhile, information about the merchants who owns the PS5 It may go on sale in the coming days. This, of course, includes the usual suspects who have also been there in the last wave of sales:





Media Market





DualSense controller for PS5the games

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Basically, all PS5 buyers should only place their orders with well-known retailers and certified stores, as there have been many instances of fraud with fake stores in the past.

How long will the fourth wave of PlayStation 5 sales last?

This question is also difficult to assess: although dealers will likely have the largest PS5 console for some time in February, demand is currently much higher than current commodities: the PS5 units are probably the same as in the larger last those waves were sold in Within a few minutes. At least there might be more sales during February, but after that there will likely be no new PS5 deliveries for long.

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