Bethesda: Some futuristic games, exclusively for Xbox and PC

Bethesda: Some futuristic games, exclusively for Xbox and PC

Following the acquisition by Microsoft, some future games from Zenimax developers will be released exclusively for Xbox and PC.

Will Playstation owners be left behind when it comes to games from Bethesda and Co. In the future? After, after

Acquisition of Zenimax Media
– and developer Bethesda – Through Microsoft, their platform may not be provisioned with corresponding game releases in the future. Microsoft released this fear today in an official statement regarding the takeover of the media group.

“Going forward, Xbox consoles, Windows 10 PC, and Xbox Game Pass will be your best place to enjoy new Bethesda games – some exclusively for future Xbox and PC players,”

She says about it

Blog post
By Xbox CEO Phil Spencer at

Zenimax Media is acquired by Microsoft for $ 7.5 million. Successful franchises like “Doom,” “Fallout,” “Wolfenstein,” or “The Elder Scrolls” are now owned by Redmond. With Zenimax Studios’ titles, he wants to expand his Xbox Game Pass subscription service and make it more attractive. Since the acquisition was announced, Playstation owners in particular have expressed concern that future Bethesda games may not appear on their platform. Correctly, as the current statement shows. At least some future Bethesda games will be released for PC and Xbox. However, it remains unclear which titles are involved. As early as October 2020, Spencer stated that in the future it will be decided on a case-by-case basis whether Bethesda Games will also appear on Sony’s Playstation 5 in the next few years.

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