Covid: These countries have begun to ease health restrictions

Covid: These countries have begun to ease health restrictions

After several months of sometimes heavy Covid restrictions, many countries have begun to ease their measures. Health policies that differ from state to state.

The list of countries that are beginning to give weight to health restrictions to combat COVID is growing. With the Omicron variant, strategies to deal with the new wave vary depending on the national strategies.

The Netherlands: a gradual return to life before

In the Netherlands, strict health measures taken several months ago sparked violent demonstrations. Since Saturday, January 15, the pressure has gradually subsided. Non-essential businesses that have been closed since Saturday have reopened. On the other hand, bars, cafes and restaurants will not be able to find customers until January 25.

Quebec: the end of the curfew

In Quebec, the curfew in place since December 31 ends this Monday, January 17, 2022. Schools will also reopen from Monday. The Prime Minister wrote in a tweet on January 13, “Good news! The Ministry of Public Health prefers to open primary and secondary schools next Monday as planned. Universities and institutes will be able to return on their own.”

Israel: Travel abroad allowed

In Israel, travel abroad, particularly to the United States, is again allowed for residents of the country, according to reports Express. The government believes that border closures no longer have any effect with the severe infection of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. The executive requires its citizens to take responsibility and test them when in doubt.

Norway: relaxed restrictions

In Norway, the government is betting on caution. Restrictions have been relaxed, but not fully lifted. For example, alcohol consumption will again be possible in restaurants and bars in the country. “The virus is spreading quickly but very few people get seriously ill […] We have managed to control the pressure on the health services,” Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoer justified, relaying it from Express.

Switzerland: Cut the duration of isolation in half

Switzerland reached a new milestone on Tuesday, January 11: isolation of Covid-19 cases fell from 10 bears to five days, according to reports lobs. However, other restrictions will be extended for several weeks.

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Denmark: the return of culture

In Denmark, culture is re-emerging. Cultural institutions closed since December 23 will be able to reopen with a scale of 500 people.

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