Thousands of Guadeloupe homes without electricity

Thousands of Guadeloupe homes without electricity

The major outage is currently causing power outages in many municipalities in Guadeloupe.

A bad surprise for thousands of families of Guadeloupe on the evening of Monday 17 January. No electricity for long minutes.
In a press release, EDF Guadeloupe explains that “Reduced production associated with a major technical failure at an electricity producer jeopardizes the balance of the electrical system in the region“.

According to the EDF, the problem comes from the power plant on Gary Island in Bay-Mahault.

As a result, the risks of cuts to certain areas were announced in the evening.

In Lamentin, Sainte-Rose, Abymes, Saint-François, Bouillante, Baie-Mahault and in many other cities, streets were lit with car lights, and residents had to put out lamps and candles.
Obviously all of the Grande Terre area and part of the Basse Terre.

Residents are encouraged to reduce the use of electrical equipment, recommends EDF Guadeloupe.

More information to come.

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