Covid: Omicron's new wave in early summer 2022, UK Scientific Council warns

Covid: Omicron’s new wave in early summer 2022, UK Scientific Council warns

The group of scientists advising the British government expects a new wave of the Omicron variant within a few months, at the start of summer. However, a disaster scenario should be avoided according to these experts.

Scientists who are members of Sage, the scientific advisory group for emergencies, are assuming a new wave of Omciron in early summer, according to a report. guardianFriday, January 14.

wave can be controlled?

These experts, who advise the British government, provoke the resumption of the epidemic from the beginning of the summer because of its resumptionsocial activity And from here decrease From immunity. They are convinced that a file The wave will remain under control And he will not be born No disaster scenario to me the hospital.

According to our colleagues, this opinion comes in a context where the government is facing pressure from several conservative MPs. They want to remove the health restrictions in place in the country. For scientists, the extent and timing of this new wave cannot be predicted “with certainty” due to multiple external factors. The current data indicates the possibility of the outbreak Which would generate between 1,000 and 2,000 hospitalizations per day.

Still big in hospitals

In the country, the health situation could remain tense for months in hospitals, experts detail. The scientists explained that “it is still possible, based on the scenarios, that hospital admissions in England will remain high for some time due to the very high number of infections and the continuing risk of hospitalization for the elderly and unhealthy. Those who have been vaccinated in particular.” From sage, move it guardian.

Britain’s health minister has responded to pressure from Conservative MPs who wanted to end restrictions. On Thursday, January 13, he said he wanted the restrictions lifted as quickly as possible. According to a source close to the government, the week of January 17 may be crucial to guiding the country’s health policy.

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