Une tempête est prévue dans l'est des États-Unis entre dimanche et lundi.

A “big” winter storm hits the eastern United States

And while the worst storm is expected in the evening, at least 235,000 people suffered power outages. A total of 80 million Americans could be affected.

Millions of Americans took shelter on Sunday because they “major winter stormAccording to the Meteorological Services, it hit the eastern United States with its share of snow and ice, causing power outages affecting at least 235,000 people. The heaviest part of the storm is expected in the evening. “A major winter storm will hit the eastern United States between Sunday and MondayThe National Weather Service (NWS) warned, noting that up to 30 cm of snow could cover an area stretching from Tennessee and Georgia in the southeast to Vermont and New York, in the northeast, accompanied by strong winds and freezing rain.

The NWS warned that the winds could be hurricane force on the Atlantic coast. Transfer is already severely disabled. Thousands of flights have been canceled and part of North Carolina’s I95 highway has been closed. Motorists have been warned ofHazardous road conditionsand heavy traffic from Arkansas (south) to Maine (northeast). “Arctic air already in the central and eastern United States will combine with this dynamic system to create a thick layer of snow over 30 cm‘, according to NWS.

More than 80 million people have been affected

Florida (southeast), most accustomed to fine weather even at this time of year, was hit indirectly when several tornadoes with snow, triggered by this winter storm, caused property damage and caused coastal flooding Sunday, according to The Weather Channel. From North and South Carolina up to the Appalachian Mountains, ice and high winds complicate the situation. US media reported that the winter alert situation affects more than 80 million people.

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About 2,900 domestic or international flights had been canceled by mid-afternoon on Sunday, according to the FlightAware website, and about 2,400 flights had been delayed. According to PowerOutage.us, about 235,000 people in the Southeast have no power, including more than 150 thousand in the Carolinas.

In Georgia, another state among the hardest-hit, Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency on Friday, and snowplows were in place before noon to clear roads. The light city of Atlanta saw snow. Virginia and North Carolina also declared states of emergency. More than 30 cm of snow fell in the latter state, according to the Weather Channel.

The northeastern United States had already found snow in early January, covered with a white layer up to 30 centimeters thick. Hundreds of motorists were stranded for nearly 20 hours on a major hub connecting Washington, DC. The NWS estimates that the storm is expected to reach eastern Canada on Tuesday.

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