Boris Johnson a reconnu avoir participé à l'une de ces fêtes illégales.

Charged with ‘breaking the law’, Boris Johnson is about to act

Facing the holiday scandal with full containment, the British prime minister will privately ban alcoholic beverages in Downing Street offices, according to Sunday times.

Boris Johnson will addressbasic cultureIn Downing Street after allowing several parties into full confinement, the head of his Conservative Party announced on Sunday 16 January this scandal rocking the British Prime Minister, whom the opposition accuses of owning.break the law».

according to Sunday timesBoris Johnson is about to announce measures including a ban on alcohol in Downing Street offices. He also plans to lay off many of his employees. A senior government employee, Sue Gray, is currently investigating a series of festive events that have been revealed by the media. They were organized in the Prime Minister’s home, which is also his workplace.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister apologized to MPs in the House of Commons, but new revelations have continued to emerge since then. Like keeping the “appetizing Friday” in Downing Street During the pandemic, despite the restrictions that prohibit such gatherings.

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Sunday, if telegraph Featured on the front page is a picture of the Prime Minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, embracing a friend at a party in September 2020, in apparent violation of social distancing rules at the time. “I can assure you that the Prime Minister deeply regrets what happened‘, he told the BBC’s Oliver Dowden, chairman of the Conservative Party, when asked about the festivities.

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«But most importantly, he is determined to ensure that does not happen and that we engage with the core culture of Downing Street“He completed. Once Sue Gray’s report is delivered, Boris Johnson will take over,” he added.full responsibilityWhen he apologized to Parliament on Wednesday, Boris Johnson confirmed his attendance at one of these parties in May 2020, but said he thought it was a business meeting.

The conservative leader is fighting for his political survival. At least six deputies from his camp have publicly called for his departure. To hold a vote of no confidence and remove Boris Johnson, they must be at least 54 Conservative MPs. While Oliver Dowden acknowledgedmistakesLabor leader Keir Starmer has accused Boris Johnson of doing sobreak the law».

For Keir Starmer, whose party has risen in the polls since thenParty Gate“,”The Prime Minister deteriorated the position of Prime Minister and lost all powers not only in his party, but in the country. . is demanding his resignation.

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