Covid-19: Auckland residents “know how to beat this virus,” says Mayor Phil Goff

Passengers at the Britomart train station in central Auckland.  Wearing masks is mandatory on public transport across the region.

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Passengers at the Britomart train station in central Auckland. Wearing masks is mandatory on public transport across the region.

Auckland has always been at risk of another outbreak Covid-19But its residents know what needs to be done to “defeat” the virus, says Mayor Phil Goff.

My case was the new community Confirmed in North Auckland Wednesday night.

The couple – who are members of the same family – tested negative twice while in managed isolation at the Pullman Hotel, but then returned positive results.

They have been self-isolating since Sunday but are now being transferred to the quarantine facility in Auckland, Gate Park.

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The couple were among hundreds of former Pullman guests who were asked to undergo further auditions afterward A woman from Northland tested positive at. Saturday.

Oakland Mayor Phil Goff said the news was about new cases

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Oakland Mayor Phil Goff said the news of the new cases was “worrying”. (File photo)

She also retested negative while at the hotel, but came back positive after departure.

On Wednesday evening, Goff said the news was “worrying”.

We were hoping to leave Covid-19 behind in 2020, but the reality is that we will be in danger from the virus for some time now. As New Zealand’s main city, the chance for a second outbreak has always been there.

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Iwi is set in the north to bring back checkpoints they say are to prevent Covid-19 from moving across the region – or to the rest of the country.

“Auckland residents, of anybody in the country, know how to beat this virus – we’ve done it many times and we’re going to do it again.”

Goff urged Auckland residents to scan with a Covid Tracer app And they wash their hands.

“I know this is frustrating, but I want to ask the people of Auckland to do what is needed to defeat Covid-19 again,” he said.

“Scan, Scan, Scan. I cannot stress enough how much scanning needs to be condensed. Use the app to record your movements and Turn on the bluetooth tracking function. “

Goff said people should stay home and get tested for Covid-19 if they feel sick.

over there Multiple events planned across the region During the long weekend of the upcoming Auckland Memorial Day.

Goff said that decisions on these matters will be made in the next two to three days, based on the advice of the Health Ministry.

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