Copa America at risk with Luna Rossa v NZ match postponed: Auckland on hiatus -

Copa America at risk with Luna Rossa v NZ match postponed: Auckland on hiatus –

Covid case in Auckland, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces a Level 3 alert to the city. The news is falling like a lightning bolt out of the blue In the American Cup between Luna Rossa and the New Zealand team, Which was supposed to start with two races Saturday, March 6, 4:00 PM (4:00 AM in Italy).

But the lockdown decided by the very wise Kiwi government – on the other hand, immediately making sure New Zealand becomes a coronavirus-free country – puts the boat racing calendar at risk. Insurance from 6 am tomorrow for a week. Level 3 of the alert does not provide for live sports (Level 2 allowed but behind closed doors, and so ended, amid an argument between Luna Rossa and the English, the Prada Cup Final), an exemption from the Prada Cup government that the Kiwis have no interest in obtaining: The 36th Flying Boats Cup of America, the sporting event of this year, no one in New Zealand wants to be held without spectators, With the closure of America’s Cup Village, in general mourning.

In short, there appears to be no margin to respect the regattas calendar beginning on March 6, As agreed between the Defenders and the Challengers. N Luna Rossa, in this circumstance, has the will to force her hand. You will have to sit down at a table to reschedule the regattas. To understand if, at Level 3, teams can go to the water for training. It should be noted that the further forward the Copa America, the more we entered the heart of the New Zealand summer: The winds can change, and are a critical component of flying boats’ performance, and they are designed to do their best in a range of air that expectations might not honor, should the calendar jump. Another (crazy) variable to consider.

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