America's Cup, let's avoid accusations of pessimism

America’s Cup, let’s avoid accusations of pessimism

*** This is an opinion

Not likely to happen in Auckland. But above all, the Kiwi media started shooting Luna Rossa. Read David Long’s opinion on Stuff, in which accusations of “petty and absurd objections” by the Italian federation in past fights against other teams (what does he refer to, the yellow card of Ineos Uk after the latter has made an irregular main sail?), Now he argues that The “registered challenger Luna Rossa” (the same entity to him) is raising objections on a “whole new level”. He wrote it after stating that “the rules seem to be on the Italian side, but they are not out of logic and decency.”

Long continues his Covid emergency sermon on what that means for New Zealand (does he say that to us?), He even remembers Patrizio Bertelli, the owner of Luna Rossa, about sportsmanship and then asks himself: What’s wrong with that? Did you move the Prada cup, to make more people enjoy the show? Because, he says, you don’t care if the regattas are actually on alert 2 or 3, we can go ahead, but no, it doesn’t make sense to compete with a small crowd due to Covid’s restrictions. Hence the reference to a “mathematical” rethink by Luna Rossa. This “does not take into account what is happening in New Zealand.”

Cynicism and sportsmanship? Why, Sir Ben Ansali, who said in a note from Ineos Uk that it was right to review dates, and that you should win in the water, right? Let’s put ourselves in his shoes. He’s losing 0-4, he’s risking his head, the British media are starting to slaughter him, he’s spent £ 200m to make a bad impression at the World Championships, he’s back in the Round Robins, and now he’s smashing – at least, in the first two days – in a Cup Final. Prada, seeing a dream of returning the Copa America to his homeland after an absence of 170 years, he has to try to return. It takes time to find something and try it on the boat (training is allowed; you can’t just make important changes regarding the announced configuration) … what will you do? Would you play it right away, even behind closed doors, as Luna Rossa suggests, or would it take your time? Bearing in mind, moreover, that there is a slight wind in Wekend, a situation that benefits Luna Rossa? I don’t think Sir Ainsley cares about being “a supervisor for New Zealanders who have made sacrifices,” as Tina Simans, America’s Cup event chairperson, said how much to win.

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So let’s leave the irony alone. Instead, it should be understood what is really happening in Auckland. And this, yes, deserves all our attention and solidarity. On social media there is talk of a national closure to the highest level in March, even about an important postponement of the America’s Cup, what is correct?

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