Claremont, a “painful” defeat

Paul Roget, Media 365: Posted on Monday, April 11, 2022 at 2:40 pm.

Clermontois, who were largely defeated by Leicester on Sunday in the first leg of the Champions Cup round of 16 (10-29), received a real blow to the head.

There was no miracle for Claremont on Sunday in the Champions League Round of 16 first leg. And he meets Leicester, the leaders of the English championship, with 17 victories in 20 matches, Yellow and blue suffered in comparison, eventually losing 10-29 to Marcel Michelin. “This defeat is painful. We gave them everything easily. It’s very easy. We are not disciplined enough to score. We are very disappointed even if next weekend is going to be something else,” said Camille Lopez, very frustrated. Even if Claremont’s opening half is hoping he and his teammates will show another face next Saturday at Welford Road, home of these adorable tigers.

Gibbs: We’re not good enough

“I think 29-10 is the truth and the difference between the two teams, then Clermont coach Juno Gibbs finds out about reports the mountain. Between a very effective team in the scoring area, we had a lot of chances but we lacked accuracy. Against a team like this, you can cross a maximum of two or three times per match, and you have to take advantage of it each time.. They are able to apply pressure and be effective in crucial moments. “For the New Zealand technician, his team also relied on defense.” Maybe that defense is enough in some of the first 14 games, but at a higher level, in the match in the final stage of the European Cup, we are not good enough”, he still admits.

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