RUGBY. Le Super Rugby ''horrible à regarder'' pour une légende All Black

Football. Super rugby is ‘horrific to watch’ for all Black legends

Is Super Rugby still the most admired league in the world? Some think that is no longer the case. Justin Marshall, 81 caps for New Zealand in the late 1990s and early 2000s, comments on Super Rugby every weekend on Sky Sport NZ TV. This season, the previous half of Canterbury has seen a sharp decline in the level of play and spectacle offered by the teams. It’s an “expected” game, he says. Shame when you know the legend of New Zealanders are magicians with the ball in your hand.

Big Rugby. Nobody knows how this All Black got 17 stitches in his head

In the question at the start of this competition, repeat the tests on strikes and not in the current game. Teams score more and more attempts at this point in the game at the expense of the scene. “I wondered why defending a hit has become so complicated for teams to defend“.”I would like to see a statistic on that, but at the moment, when a team 5-10 meters from the opponent comes into the goal, they often end up in the goalTherefore, we are seeing more and more attempts at this point in the game. This weekend alone, the Otago Highlanders scored no fewer than four attempts on the attack after landing against Moana Pacifica to secure the win and the offensive bonus.

Then Justin Marshall finds that teams prefer to play the hitter and are looking more and more for error trying to score that way. also finds Strict rules for defending teams. This position in Super Rugby means that prostitutes are the best at trying scorers in Super Rugby. Auckland Blues prostitute Kurt Ecklund is New Zealand’s top scorer in rugby with five goals.

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video.  Big Rugby.  80 meters counter at 83 and Moana Pasifika present themselves with a historic victoryvideo. Big Rugby. 80 meters counter at 83 and Moana Pasifika present themselves with a historic victory

General note or just Moana Pacifica?

New Zealand teams have built on their defeat to dominate Moana Pacifica since the start of the season. But despite this observation that would inflate the stats, Marshall analyzes that the New Zealand franchise game is turning more and more into a scoring knockout.

It’s not just against Moana Pacifica. Every team that wants to go into that area of ​​the field seems to be fully aware that the rules benefit them and prevent even well-organized defenses from being able to defend properly.

Nobody seems to be smashing formations anymore so I wonder if they can’t make it to the crosser to contend with because of the rules and how they are protected and banned, but whatever or, to be honest, it bothers me.

World Rugby guidelines that require referees to protect players are encouraged to keep a close eye on Air Challenges. “It’s a really predictable rugby game. When it comes to this area, it’s frustrating to see a team like Moana Pasifika, really competing all the way, but their opponent has managed to score four (against them) penetration attempts, and that’s the game. It’s not really playing. Football. It’s horrible to watch, because there’s nothing dynamic, nothing entertaining“.

Australian Super Rugby is also experiencing the same development. The Australian teams facing Fiji Drawa mainly rely on quick kicks to score. An easy fix that has an impact on Super Rugby in Australia and New Zealand. Also an impact on the Wallabies and All Blacks in the 2023 World Cup?

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