China and the United States announced a surprise agreement at the last stage of the Glasgow Climate Conference

China and the United States announced a surprise agreement at the last stage of the Glasgow Climate Conference

Hope reborn in Glasgow? China and the United States, the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases, on Wednesday announced a surprise agreement two days before the scheduled end of the COP26 conference. In this “Joint Declaration on the Promotion of Climate Action”And Beijing and Washington pledge, without very precise details Taking enhanced measures to raise ambitions during the 1920s.reaffirming their commitment to the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The two major world powers, whose rivalry seemed to extend to the field of climate diplomacy, also pledged to work in Glasgow for “An ambitious, balanced and comprehensive outcome on mitigation (lower emissions), adaptation and support” finance for poor countries.

This agreement has been hailed as ‘An important step in the right direction’ By United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres. “Beyond the COP, it is important to the world”The Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, replied.

Early on Wednesday, after 10 days of discussions, the British Presidency of the COP released the first draft of the final declaration calling for the strengthening and acceleration of climate commitments by all countries to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. This text elicited mixed reactions, particularly from poorer nations, who insist that the richer keep his promise to help.

The project calls on countries to “Refine and Strengthen” of the 2022 National Contributions that define their short-term commitments. It also encourages countries to “Accelerating the Exit of Coal and Fossil Fuel Financing”. Such an explicit mention of fossil fuels, responsible for most emissions, is unprecedented, and does not appear in the Paris Agreement in particular. But it promises to be bitterly contested until the final text is finalized, particularly by the producing nations.

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About the burning issue of financing, text “Relieved with regret” Developed countries have failed to deliver on their promise to mobilize about $100 billion annually in climate aid for poor countries starting in 2020. The text will remain a subject of negotiations and may change by the end of the COP scheduled for Friday but may be extended.

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