Association.  Will your first name still be in fashion in 2050?

Association. Will your first name still be in fashion in 2050?

The American website for baby names Nameberry Last month he launched a special challenge: Prediction What are the most popular first names from about thirty years agoie in the year 2050.

In our first book (…) released in 1988, we anticipated upcoming trends that have since been proven correct: first names end with an O, first names evoke nature, unisex first names…” Pamela Redmond, co-founder of the platform, at HuffPost.

The way to think is simple: in the US, the most popular first names since 2020 were among the rarest in the 1990s. So, the platform analyzed thousands of existing first names given, at most, “only to 25 newborns in 2020 then They chose ten girls and ten boys.

Clement and Florian in the lead

The results were astounding: if we knew the past and present madness of the French for American first names (Dylan, Ryan, Charlie, Kevin, Lily, Romy…), then the opposite would be true in the future! For this reason, in the list of boys, Clement And Florian In the lead, forward Hill, Helix, Isidore (Yes, like a cat), Guppener, Cannes, Oaks, Vision And Wilbur.

in girls, Ellery Takes first place, in the fore Franklin (Yes, like a tortoise), Ione, Lunarose, Pandora, Pixie, Prairie, Vita (Yes, like the singer), Willoughby And zoe.

Sylvie, Byrdie and Andy in Vogue

The visual team members provided some explanations for their selection. for example, Clement He will owe his return to his twin sister, clementine, which is appearing, and Isidore It will appeal to parents of many backgrounds and will be relayed “because it has a history within Jewish, Spanish, French, Italian and Greek families”.

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for ionicIt’s a legendary first name, but it’s also a nod to Hermione, the heroine of “Harry Potter,” who speaks and speaks to generations. LunaroseIt will gain ground thanks to the rise in the direction of compound first names such as Lilirose. Finally, a file prairie She will impose herself with her gentle voice and bohemian atmosphere that radiates from her, like Sylvie, Byrdie And indieReally famous.

After Louis, here’s Louis

In addition, other names of the “pink” hat of connoisseurs appeared: Fiora And her “flowery, flamboyant, Italian and timeless side” in their opinion, but also Iceland (in French Iceland) the suffix “land” is the new “lynn”, or again Louie : “Boys will keep Lewis, but for girls this cooler, more relaxed version will become the norm,” they estimate.

love(e) It will also be worn, according to them, just like blue(e) because of the ending in “vi” or “life” that is back in fashion (isn’t that Flavie?) or Morgan, with reference to the legend.

They are also martyred pax, (“After it is given to young boys, it will have a more original tone on girls”), Rivera, literally Côte d’Azur, (“It’s a romantic and universal first name, which makes it all the more attractive”) snow, which means “snow”, (“elegant and sexy by nature”), or zeta (“Because parents will always look for cool, short international names like Mila and Luna.”)

Little Hermes and Tennessee

Finally, on the side of the “blue” hat, they expect children to rise Hermes (“With the charm of luxury and classic”) and the arrival Cyprian (or Cyprien in French), or small Oxford (“Ford’s suffix is ​​ultra-American) as well Tennessee (“Referring to country and country music”).

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And if you don’t like these suggestions, or find them difficult to wear, nothing more than usual, according to Pamela Redmond: “Successive generations tend to choose names that their parents wouldn’t. Each generation of parents should reinvent their children’s first names.”

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