Castanet.  The city stadium will integrate the new public space near the village hall

Castanet. The city stadium will integrate the new public space near the village hall

Residents attended in large numbers the wishing ceremony organized by the municipality. On this occasion, Mayor Jean-Marc Fabre and his deputies presented a retrospective of the projects completed in 2023.

The elected official also presented the financial results of the project related to the creation of the Lardeyrolles Assembly Hall, and highlighted other aspects such as the solidarity that has emerged around this important project. The City Stadium project will integrate the new public space around the hall from next June and will be able to complete a range of services for the Lardeyrolles School, associations and citizens. The official opening of the hall and this new sports equipment is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 6.

The mayor also spoke to the council about planning several committees on energy and urban planning. Indeed, a public meeting will be organized to discuss the definition of acceleration zones stipulated in the Acceleration of Renewable Energy Production (APER) Act. Jacques Cross, Francis Mulliner, Sylvie Dozijic and Solange Marty respectively stepped in to prepare a meticulous report relating to various topics such as road works, reduced electricity consumption after changing public street lights to LED lighting, staff and school projects, the launch of the new café space in the Castanet Library, and the presentation of 17 new homes for residents. Recently installed in the city.

The meeting ended with thanks and applause, noting the service provided and the professionalism enjoyed by the multi-talented artistic agent, Daniel Saturnin, who has held his position since December 1, 2009, and will soon leave his position to move to new horizons. The members of the Municipal Council wished him all the best and success in his new career.

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At the conclusion of the ceremony, all participants enthusiastically shared a glass of friendship together while enjoying a delicious galette des rois.

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