Why, without underwear, man would never have walked on the moon?

Why, without underwear, man would never have walked on the moon?

the The 60th International Lingerie Exhibition It was held on Saturday, January 20 and Sunday, January 21, in Paris. Without the help of underwear, Man would never have walked on the moon. when Neil Armstrong Having taken this small step for man and this big step for humanity, the American astronaut donned a suit with a very unexciting name, A7L.

This outfit is It is still considered the most complex ever designed for spaceflight. This combination is designed and manufactured by a bra brand that everyone knows: Playtex !

This company, which was established in 1932, is Specializing in underwear containing rubber and latex. In particular, she was the one who invented the elastic girdle, which revolutionized women's lives by making the corset disappear.

But the brand also had a small department Under contract with the US Air Force To design military products that include rubber such as pilot helmets. So, when it was 1961, NASA has issued a call for bids to purchase the spacesuit for the first man to walk on the moon, and Playtex has applied.

NASA does not believe in this proposal

Initially, the Playtex brand was rejected. NASA must have thought it was a joke. But other, more serious manufacturers haven't been able to tick the boxes Terms and conditions sheet Of the US Space Agency. The suit must be able to withstand temperatures between -180°C and 150°C, and be internally pressurized while maintaining flexibility.

Manufacturers fail to provide satisfactory models. Then NASA chose to give Playtex a chance. And the brand was not afraid…

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Playtex knows how to do this in the complex

Some Playtex bras can hold up to 30 pieces of 20 different materials. It requires 32 production jobs. In six weeks, the company I was able to meet the challenge With Eleanor Foraker at the helm. After taking over the responsibility of sewing latex pants for children, she moved on to supervising the manufacture of this space suit.
Job done for Playtex. The brand made the jumpsuit with 21 successive layers based on latex, Teflon, Lycra and nylon. On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in his Playtex suit. She was resistant, reliable, and almost lovable“The astronaut said about his clothes. Again, the underwear just helped the man lie down…

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