Jury and Teen Awards

Jury and Teen Awards

Jury Prize: I, point

Audrey DeSotour and Simone Bailey (Éditions humenSciences)

This is the extraordinary story of a unique creature In the living world :means. Without a nervous system, the dot learns, memorizes, and communicates. Even cut into two parts, it does not die and gives two independent individuals. For the first time, under the alert pen of the French scientist who knows it best, the point is told.

Monster, subject of science, source of innovations, gourmet chef, astronaut, home companion, and media darling, shares his adventures with you. As a bonus, this book gives you the keys To collect bubble in the wildRaise it and test its capabilities with ten simple experiments. »

Audrey Dosotouur He is a research director at the National Center for Scientific Research, specializing in studying animal behavior, especially ants and ants. She is the author of about sixty scientific articles and two books for the general public. She was awarded the first CNRS Mediation Medal in 2021.

Simon Bailey He graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts de Lorraine, works in journalism, publishing and communication (Le 1 hebdo, The New York Times, etc.). Among his favorite topics: animated cinema, science fiction, and… blobs.

Teen Award: Here is the Universe: A Journey into Astrophysics

Hergé and Jeremy Frankfurt, with Michel Mayor (Helvetic Editions)

Go back in time With Nobel laureate Michel Mayor To understand the secrets of the universe! Young researcher Celeste rescues Nobel Prize winner in physics Michel Mayor – discoverer of the first exoplanet – from invading admirers. Together they go back in time to meet the big names in physics (Einstein, Newton and more) and discover the principles that govern the universe, from gravitational waves to the theory of relativity, including the largest stars, black holes.


Designed by a dedicated team of illustrator and physicist steeped in humor, the universe is explained simply and in pictures Physical phenomena That governs our lives. Adventures, gags and amazing encounters await, bringing a new flavor to universal gravity and other principles of physics and cosmology. »

Jack of all trades designer, Hergé She has been implementing very diverse projects since 2012: newspaper graphics, illustrations, storyboards, thematic maps, large-scale posters, live drawings and murals. Curious by nature and eager for new experiences, he has devoted himself entirely to drawing and its many possibilities since 2017.

Jeremy Frankfurt He has just completed a thesis in theoretical physics at the University of Geneva. He provided the scientific basis for the work Ici l'Univers: voyage en astrophysics. nobel prize in physics 2019, Michael Mayor He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Geneva.

Science is delivered and is available at Three literary awards : Jury Award, Teen Award, and General Award. It highlights scientific works intended for youth and adults for their originality, scientific accuracy, and knowledge transfer properties.

As part of the Teen Award (age 11-15), four classes of Alto-Séquanais middle school students joined an expert judging panel to select the winner. Every winner gets A financial grant of 3,500 euros Department, works in libraries, media libraries and colleges of Hauts-de-Seine are highlighted.

As part of the general award, From January 20 to February 3, 2024The general public will be able to sign up to become volunteer readers and choose their favorite works. Voting for the favorite work takes place on the site from March 8 to 17, 2024.

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