Cashiers are resisting and automatic withdrawals are being abandoned!

Cashiers are resisting and automatic withdrawals are being abandoned!

For example, you remember the movie Grandpa Fights Back, well, the cashiers are fighting back too and that's good news because if our shopping is our job, then our checkout trips are also those of our cashiers and cashiers.

While we were promised that traditional payments would disappear in favor of automatic withdrawals, this number has dropped by “only” 10%.

Even better, customers are starting to abandon the latter as our colleagues at TF1 report. “Trouble with labeling, weighing or paying…. Self-service checkouts have, for many, become the bane of weekly shopping. At TF1, they made a stopwatch comparison between their use of automated checkouts and human checkouts!

The outcome of this entirely experimental and “observational” study?

Two minutes and fifteen minutes for automatic checkout compared to only 59 seconds for human checkout! More and more of us would rather wait in line at the human checkout than fight against machines. It's good for hiring and that's good news!

As for me, I can no longer tolerate automatic checkouts and other touch screens. When the waiter asks me to read the QR code to get the menu, I show him my white beard and ask him what we are eating!

I prefer real human relationships, no matter how imperfect, to false artificial intelligence!

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

get ready !

Charles Sanat

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