Another change that will upset a lot of people is after account sharing ends

Another change that will upset a lot of people is after account sharing ends

Netflix will soon remove another feature from its very practical platform, and this may upset a lot of people.

In the last years, Netflix has made radical choices in order to improve its numbers and, ultimately, its profits. Between increasing the prices of various subscriptions or canceling account sharing with loved ones, Red N has already sacrificed many benefits for its subscribers, which has logically sparked discussion.

The platform will continue to annoy a lot of people, as it recently decided to set aside another function that customers have been benefiting from so far.

Netflix dictatorship

This feature is the ability to download movies and series from the Netflix catalog to watch later, without the need for an Internet connection (which is rather practical in the case of trips to the countryside or a fickle WiFi network). According to the daily Technology and coRed N has already confirmed that the new version of the app will arrive in June and therefore will not allow users to take advantage of this download system.

But why then? According to the platform, most consumers (more than 70%) watch movies and series on their TV and therefore have “Very modest usage on PCIf these numbers are correct, the majority of subscribers will not be (very) affected, but we should also think about the problem in the other direction: approximately a third of users, that is, a significant number of people, can see Their way of consuming changes because of this decision.

Are you serious because I can't download anymore?

However, no exact figures were provided about the number of downloads or subscribers who used to download the content.. Therefore, we don't really know how many people will be directly affected by this new measure.

In addition, it will also be impossible to keep the old version of the application. but, The function will still be available on mobile and tablet. Hence, traveling users will still be able to find something to pass the time. It remains to be seen whether the platform will continue on this path or not If more features will be removed later…

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