The event video game will be released in the fall of 2025

The event video game will be released in the fall of 2025

GTA 6 will feature two main characters, including Lucia.
Rock Games

The hugely popular video game saga has sold hundreds of millions of copies.

Release date approaching. GTA 6, one of the most anticipated games of the decade, is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2025, the company and the game's distributor, Take-Two Interactive, announced on Thursday, May 16. “We are confident that Rockstar Games (the game's developer and publisher) will deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience and our expectations for the game's commercial impact continue to grow.”Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, said during an investor meeting.

On social media, that was enough to get GTA fans excited. Within a few hours, the name GTA 6 was already among the trending keywords on the X platform (eg Twitter). “GTA 6 at the end of 2025… I already know that the end of next year will be happy.”“, shouts the netizen. To express their wait, others enjoy posting photos of themselves as teenagers, at the time of GTA V's release in 2013, and a recent photo where they are now adults. A way to show how much time has passed since the discovery of this opus.

In 2013, it must be said that GTA V was an exceptional success. Three days after its release, it has already generated $1 billion in revenue. Ten years later, the number is almost 8 billion. This adventure, which takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos (largely inspired by Los Angeles), has attracted millions of players, who have to carry out a series of heists in order to survive. The game has sold 190 million copies and more than 5 million in France. GTA V was first released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, then re-released on PC, Playstation 4, 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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The first trailer has been viewed 190 million times

The first GTA 6 trailer has been viewed more than 190 million times since December 4, 2023. It reached 100 million views in less than 30 hours of being available. This sixth episode promises to be at least as satirical as the previous parts of the saga, which over the years have specialized in criticizing American society.

While GTA IV was mocked “American dream”, GTA V pointed to the growing social division in the United States, and this GTA VI appears to condemn the harmful influence of social networks and misinformation. The first trailer, which was revealed last December, heavily mocked influencers seeking buzz.

Available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

GTA 6 is set in the fictional US state of Leonida, a crazy version of Florida, and has already turned several very real news stories into its first trailer, particularly showing the arrest of a man with a face covered in tattoos. The image shown below is reminiscent of the arrest of a sexual predator named Florida Joker, in July 2023. The person in question, Lawrence Sullivan, also accused Rockstar Games of being inspired by him without his consent.

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GTA 6 will be available on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series Development Studio, and was released several months after the console versions.

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