CAF will supply trains to New Zealand for more than 130 million |  comp

CAF will supply trains to New Zealand for more than 130 million | comp

CAF will supply 23 trains to Auckland (New Zealand) for an amount of more than 130 million. The units will be manufactured at the Beasain plant (Gipuzkoa) and will be exported by ship to Antipodes.

The group also secured a maintenance contract for the trains until 2025. The initial order could be extended for another five units. The customer is Auckland Transport, which has already contracted with CAF for other trains eleven years ago. On that occasion, the order consisted of 57 trains and their maintenance for twelve years. The order was later extended with 15 more vehicles.

Those 72 units have been operating in the New Zealand city for years. They have covered more than 33 million kilometers “which shows their great reliability”, according to CAF sources, who added that this fleet has facilitated the increase in public transport users in Auckland.

The trains of the current decade are of the same model as the previous trains. Each unit consisted of three cars, two engines with cabins at the ends and an intermediate trailer car. Each one has a capacity of 380 passengers. CAF will manufacture it from stainless steel.

In 2010 CAF came close to landing in Oceania and started important projects in Australia, such as the Parramata light rail and dual-mode regional trains for the state of New South Wales.

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