New Zealand’s first fully electric ferry: recharged during landings

Willing to enter service in New Zealand on Ika Rere . electric ferry, the first of its kind, fully battery-powered and exclusively, intended for passenger transport. Commissioned by the company East to West phrasesWellington factor.

A study by the New Zealand government showed that the inland movement of ships and ferries is responsible for about 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, so they decided in the well-known city to start taking measures in all areas.

flying fish

Ika Rere is 19 meters long, Capable of carrying 132 passengers, from Wellington Port, and can reach an operational speed of 20 knots. Despite the long road it has to cover, Ika Rere has enough battery for a round trip of 25 km. Recharging takes place on the pier, during disembarkation and boarding of new passengers. This procedure, about 15 minutes, is enough. Thank you 1 megawatt of charging power. On the other hand, during hours of inactivity, recharging operates at “only” 300 kW.

Ika Rere is equipped with a marine electric motor Danfoss Additron-Powered by battery supplied by XALT. Its estimated use is about 640 tons of CO2 per year, compared to a regular ferry with diesel engines. The ship is currently undergoing a final stage of testing, and will carry real passengers by the end of the first quarter.

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