Corruption, Italy's leap in 2021. In the lead (again) Denmark and New Zealand-

Corruption, Italy’s leap in 2021. In the lead (again) Denmark and New Zealand-

Italy gains 3 points and jumps 10 places in the ranking of countries examined by Transparency International in the 2021 edition of the Corruption Perceptions Index. In the ranking representing the reputation of 180 countries, Italy ranked 42, with a score of 56, while last year it was 52 with a score of 56. Thus, international confidence is growing, even if the EU average, at 64, is still a long way off. In ten years, Italy has scored 14 points. The Transparency Report notes that the progress “came as a result of the increased attention to the problem of corruption in the past decade and bodes well for the country’s economic recovery after the crisis caused by the epidemic.”

In the United Kingdom and France, the United States has remained the same

Globally, Denmark and New Zealand remain at the top

From the standings, Finland joined him this year as well, with a score of 88 points (+3). Germany was confirmed in the leading group, with a score of 80 points, the United Kingdom 78 (+1), France 71 (+2), and the United States 67 points last year. At the bottom of the ranking are Syria, Somalia and South Sudan. Last year, 2 out of 3 countries analyzed (123 out of 180) still showed significant corruption problems, according to the organization, having achieved a score below 50, highlighting a strong risk of underdevelopment in the protection of human rights, in freedom of expression and the crisis of democracy. . The index, compiled by Transparency International annually, ranks countries based on the perceived level of corruption in the public sector, through the use of 13 analysis and survey tools targeting experts. The final score is determined on a scale ranging from 0 (high level of perceived corruption) to 100 (low level of perceived corruption).

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