BTS – V, Suga & Co: where you can watch their movies and series

BTS – V, Suga & Co: where you can watch their movies and series

It is not uncommon for K-pop group members to also star in South Korean dramas. Just a few examples are EXO members Suho (Kim Jun-myeon, aka “One Way Trip”), DO (Do Kyung-soo, aka “100 Days My Prince” on Netflix), singer Astro Cha Eun-woo ( Lee Dong)-min, among others” aspiring historian Goo Hye-ryungAnd “My ID is Gangnam Beauty,” both on Netflix)And Got7’s Jinyoung (Park Jin Young, including “When My Love Blooms” on Netflix), SF9’s RoWoon (Kim Seok-Woo, including “The King’s Affection” and “Tomorrow” on Netflix), and Victon’s Byungchan (Choi Byung) -chan, including “Action Proposal” and “The King’s Affection” – both available on Netflix).

Only one of the BTS boys has ventured into acting so far: he starred in the historical drama “hwarangHe met his friends Park Hyung-sik and Park Seo-joon from “Wooga Squad” while filming this series. There is also a BTS song in the series: the one by Ye Woojin (Kim Seokjin) sungEven if you die, it’s you(Also translated as “It’s Definitely You”). You can stream “Hwarang” on Netflix.

While not in front of the camera itself, the band has appeared in some films and series in other ways, and their songs have been part of the soundtrack. For example, in the Marvel movie “Eternals” (Disney +), the song “friend” from Jimin (Park Jimin) and F To listen, in the series “Euphoria” with Zendaya she directs the song of the same name in which she performs Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook) rich. “tranceAvailable on Amazon Prime Video, WOW, and Sky GO, among others.

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On Netflix, you can find the series “Our Beloved Summer” starring V’s friend and Wooga member Choi Woo-shik, and Where’s V’s Song?Christmas treePart of the soundtrack. The following series with BTS songs is also available on Netflix: “Money Heist: Korea” (“DNA), “Emily in Paris” (“dynamite”) and “Itaewon Class” (“nice night“).

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