Britney Spears s'exprime pour la première fois à propos de sa tutelle

Britney Spears explains her decision to stop making music

What if the vibe, Pink Floyd music, vibrated back into a concert hall, on an evening, in the form of a symphonic musical show?

Back to Floyd, Pink Floyd Symphony Show Revisiting the work of the legendary band Pink Floyd, in a musical visual show that blends progressive rock and symphonic harmony, the magic of the show immerses spectators in the imagination, emotions and atmosphere of Pink Floyd concerts… past, present and future, dreams, reality… merging into the same acting. .. Back to Floyd He brings to this illusion a symphonic, glorified, unique flavor, without ever betraying the voice and the unforgettable work of the creators of Pink Floyd.

Back to FloydAnd Pink Floyd Symphony ShowIt is a real musical experience that immerses us in Floyd’s work through the ages, starting in 1967 The piper at the gates of dawn, during 1975 with the primary I wish you were here Until 1994 and split bell… without forgetting the third best-selling album in the world: The dark side of the moon. This group consists of passionate artists, all exclusively from Hauts de France: 9 singing musicians, accompanied by the Lille La Folia Symphony Orchestra of 80 talents and the Adventi vocal group of 24 choristers.

A little history…

It all started in 1990, when Cyril Jablonka, originally from Levine, discovered Pink Floyd at the age of 17 during a language bus trip to London. Since then, this group will never leave him again… He learned guitar on their classics, passionate about their history, watches VHS tapes and then DVDs… Then he works on guitar with passion, immersing himself in David Gilmour’s style as much as possible. A spell … to fill the imperfection, not being able to see them at a concert, Pink Floyd has already been dismissed … and all this will come, year after year, to fuel a dream, the “ultimate dream”: performing their classics on stage.

In 2014 the story began in concrete form, Cyril created the song “Sounds of Floyd” with a high school friend, Frank Foddy (now drummer and producer). They are joined by Christophe Ricordon (singer/guitarist), Pascal Mercier (keyboardist), Yvonne Bourdon (guitarist), Daniel Nowaki (saxophone/percussionist), Renya Kittoglou, Clara Banks and Cecile Cuvilier (Coorstres). And they do nothing with two halves: everything is built and produced in the spirit of “Floydian”: respect for sound, results, decorations … and many key words to achieve this: spirit, loyalty, emotions,
Borderline perfectionism.

Tour dates:

Return to Floyd will appear in SALLE PLEYEL January 15 2022, followed by 17 dates across France.

Information and ticket office.

Win your seats with Rolling Stone France!

2 x 2 . places In the evening play January 15 2022 in a night room. To participate, it is easy to answer the questionnaire below. You have until January 7th to try your luck.

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