Here's what happens to the record-breaking tuber - Libero Quotidiano

Here’s what happens to the record-breaking tuber – Libero Quotidiano

do you see it? Well, they renamed it Doug. It’s about Potatoes weighing 8 kg, so much so that it is carried on a special wheelbarrow for local fairs and festivals. The giant tuber was found in their garden by a New Zealand couple, who are now trying to take advantage of it.

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Coleen and Donna Craig Brown were working their grounds when they hit what looked like a huge stone with a rake. But no, these were huge potatoes. I am now waiting for a certificate Guinness World Records As the world’s largest potato, a record he currently holds sample of 5 kg. In short, a broken record. To prevent the tubers from rotting while they wait, the couple carefully cleaned the potatoes to put them in the refrigerator.

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As mentioned, proud of their discovery, Colin and Donna took potatoes out of the fridge only to carry them to festivals and markets on a special cart they built just to transport them. And once again, Colin – the necromancer – made it known Right after the record is approved, he will use the massive potato to make vodka Obtained from the tuber itself.

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