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Astroworld: Dior cancels collaboration with Travis Scott

The capsule collection resulting from the partnership between the fashion house and rapper Travis Scott’s label Cactus Jack has been canceled following the Astroworld tragedy.

Travis Scott just lost an important new contract after the Astroworld tragedy. Dior has announced that it is canceling a collaboration set to debut next year.

As mentioned Women’s daily wearThe capsule collection resulting from the partnership between Dior Men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones and Scott Cactus Jack brand has been postponed indefinitely. The collection (which was to be Dior’s first with a musician) was inspired by Scott’s Texas roots as well as the fashion house’s Parisian past. ” Out of respect for all those affected by the tragic events of Astroworld, Dior has decided to postpone indefinitely the launch of the Cactus Jack co-production products that were initially part of its Summer 2022 collection.The company said in a statement.

Dior and Scott representatives did not respond to our requests.

Right after Astroworld, where 10 people died and hundreds were injured in a massive mass movement, Scott’s collaboration with Dior was already in jeopardy. Then an anonymous employee of the company said that the company was ” very worried‘, while luxury trade expert Thoma Serdari added that it won’t be surprised If the line is pulled at the end. ” It is a matter of social responsibility and respect for the publicJudge Sirdari.

This is the second major business deal Travis Scott has lost, weeks after Anheuser-Busch announced it would no longer distribute Cacti, the rapper’s alcoholic sparkling water line. The highly successful partnership with the drink was launched in March 2021 and lasted until November 30, when the decision was made by both sides. Mutual » Stop the production of aloe vera. ” Travis made it clear in his interview that he is not focused on business at the moment and that his priority is to help his community and fans recover.An Anheuser-Busch representative said in a statement, referring to Scott’s recent interview with Charlemagne tha Goode.

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In his first public comments, Scott explained that he only learned of the spectators’ deaths after the festival had ended and claimed he hadn’t heard the crowd yelling at him to stop the concert. The victims’ families and lawyers were not convinced by Scott’s words. Tony Busby, attorney for the family of Axel Acosta, who died at the festival, said: rolling rock : « You have no right to deny liability anywhere else. […] These are lessons we learn as children. If he says, “I may not be the only problem, I’m not the only one responsible, but my behavior played a role,” it won’t ease the families’ pain, but at least it doesn’t ease theirs. no more. What he does now only causes more pain to people. »

In addition to losing several trademark contracts, Scott has been cited in the vast majority of about 300 lawsuits filed by Astroworld. Scott and his other plaintiffs (such as Live Nation, Promoter ScoreMore, the NRG Park Performance site, and several security companies) have denied the allegations against them.

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