British journalist said Queen Elizabeth II was "disturbed and disappointed" at not attending COP26

British journalist said Queen Elizabeth II was “disturbed and disappointed” at not attending COP26

Queen Elizabeth II announced on Tuesday that she will not be able to attend COP26 which begins on October 31 in Glasgow (Scotland) due to health reasons. The king is “angry and frustrated,” according to British journalist Philip Turrell.

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Queen Elizabeth II said in a statement on Tuesday 26 October that she will not attend COP26, which will be held from 31 October to 12 November in Glasgow (Scotland), due to health reasons. She was scheduled to attend the event reception on Monday, November 1st. According to the British journalist from France 24 Philippe Turtle, Elizabeth II ‘angry and frustrated’ From not being able to attend this summit. “She regrets not being able to go. She was very eager to attend because, according to our sources, she is very disappointed with the attitude of some heads of state.”

King has had to ease her schedule several times since mid-October. She abandoned a visit to Northern Ireland on the advice of her doctors before spending the night of Wednesday 20 to Thursday 21 October at Edward VII’s private hospital in London.

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There are two ways to look at a Buckingham Palace advertisement., commented. ‘The first is that the situation [liée à sa santé] It may be more dangerous than it is said. Put another way, it is true that a 95-year-old lady, who had spent a very busy October, on visits to Edinburgh and Buckingham Palace, had received Bill Gates on his dates. Age in the world has such a busy schedule.”, the reporter recalls, depending on who she is “exhausted”.

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Philip Burle offers another hypothesis: “At the moment in Britain there has been a marked increase in the number of Covid-19 cases. The Queen’s doctors do not want to risk her health.” However, the British journalist asserts that the sovereign is a “work animal”, Who is the “She will not give up work because, since 1947, she has always said that she will serve the people”.

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