Les secrets de la NRL : "Parole à la Défense !"

“A word of defense!”

A report of more than a hundred pages has been produced on the new coastal road construction site. The head of the regional council first presented the first conclusions and called for a duty of responsibility. Then the governor indicated that the state stood by the region to complete the work.

A full presentation has been submitted Before speaking one of the opposition MPs – and the previous majority. Then the lawyer-elect, Jean-Jacques Morell, wanted to respond to the statements – which were considered accusations – of Huguet Bellow and the rapporteur: “Floor to defend!“He says.

He said he supported the option of reviewing the entire issue of the new coastal road. but he shouted,No to lies!Then he took, for example, the statement of the majority and replied: “The work never stopped!

Jean-Jacques Morell also commented on the assessment made about the previous majority and said sarcastically: “Woe to the defeated!He also talks about the issue of pressure from various quarters and calls Huguet Bellow:I know you’re a woman with personality, pregnant women will resist, but it’s complicated!

Finally, he regretted the offer.”partyAmong the works completed since 2010 on the new coastal road:The politician’s offer is to say that Didier Robert has been left behind. The elections are over, you won them!‘, he declares, asking the majority to take action.

When Jean-Jacques Morel concludes: “Didier Robert showed a lot of courage to lead the site, I have no doubt that you will have the same courage to complete this work. Huguet Bellow’s comment is not long in coming:My courage is not like his!

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