Blois: Science in Full Light

Blois: Science in Full Light

The flag was celebrated on Saturday, October 14 at Natural History Museum in Blois With the Science Village and exciting presentations that awaken the scientist in all of us.

Written by Jean-Luc Vaison

Christophe Martin Brisset, ANPCEN correspondent, shows a map of light pollution in France. Photography by Jean-Luc Vaison.

Scientific majors are essential. At a time when our country has received the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics with Pierre Agostini and Anne Lhuillier, for their work on ultra-fast lasers that make it possible to create short pulses of light, the Science Festival is a good way to raise awareness and attract young people. People to scientific careers.

“This year’s theme is Sports and Science. With science center, We also present an exhibition about colors » explained Pascal Giraudon, Director of MHN in Blois. Thus it became possible to reach 15 treatments: Why is the sky blue? Newton’s disc, color blindness… The village has also brought together ten partners such as the Nuclear Energy Production Center of Saint-Laurent-d-Eaux, CDPNE, Loir-et-Cher Tech or the students of the Professional Science Mediation License from Tours.

School of Engineering Ensa CVL Naturally, he was in the lead. A teacher, researcher and member of GREMAN UMR7347, an interdisciplinary laboratory in materials, microelectronics, acoustics and nanotechnology, presented an application for microenergy recovery using a piezoelectric generator. The ability of some materials to generate electricity when deformed now opens multiple industrial applications for renewable energy production.

A little further afield, Augustin, Jeanne and Eddy from the INSA CVL Robotics Club presented two autonomous robots with which they are participating in the French Robotics Cup. And the third in 2022. Their presence demonstrates the talent of the youth and the excellence of the school in the field of mechatronics.

Raising the level of understanding of environmental issues of human activities was also at the heart of this edition with the presence of teams from the Grand-Pierre and Vitain National Nature Reserve located in Marolles near Blois. Facilitators highlighted actions that need to be adopted for a sustainable practice that respects wild animals and plants.

Light pollution awareness

Combating light pollution and excessive lighting, especially in urban areas. This has been the goal of the National Society for the Protection of the Night Skies and the Environment for nearly twenty years (China National News Agency (ANPCEN).). Loir-et-Cher local reporter Christophe Martin-Brisset provided a map of light pollution in Loir-et-Cher from the NOAA weather satellite. Pollution has particularly declined since the power surge (1) which has seen many municipalities restrict public lighting at night.

“We are making progress, such as the city of Blois, which has reduced the power of its night lighting to 1,000 watts and is renovating its lighting points. You should know that light pollution erodes biodiversity by dazzling nocturnal species, varying the photoperiod of plants, or disrupting the photoperiod of plants. Nocturnal and diurnal species. The scientist confirmed that vaccination would be 62% less in bright areas and that astronomical observation would be seriously disrupted.

Like others, he recommends moderation, better light management in sheltered spaces and creating green and blue night frames. In Loire-et-Cher, 21 municipalities have already been classified as star cities and villages by ANPCEN, a good figure at the national level.

(1) Increase electricity for lighting by 40%. Lighting is the first investment item for municipalities.

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The dominant yellow color shows that the night quality in France is poor. Urban areas generate luminous halos that can be perceived over a long distance (in red). Photography by Jean-Luc Vaison.

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