How to avoid unwanted morning conversations

How to avoid unwanted morning conversations

Ah, the office coffee machine, this haven for early morning awakenings, this gateway to caffeine, but also, more often than not, the dreaded trap of unwanted morning conversation. While some people are morning social butterflies, others prefer to chat over their cup of coffee. If you fall into the second category, don’t panic! We’ve decoded the science of avoiding a coffee machine for you.

Chapter One: Appreciation of the Cup

The first golden rule for avoiding morning conversation is discretion. It’s not just a coffee pot, it’s your social shield. Choose an opaque cup, preferably with a lid. No one will know if you’re sipping a cappuccino or hiding your desire for solitude behind a foam mask. Plus, adding a plastic straw (unless you’re an environmentalist, in which case, a reusable straw) will allow you to take sips while keeping an eye out for potential intruders. If someone dares to approach, dive behind your cup for a secret offer.

Additional tip: Personalize your tumbler for ultimate concealment. Paste a photo of your favorite chatty colleague from abroad, which will give you the perfect excuse not to look around while you’re in front of the coffee machine.

Chapter Two: Magic Headphones

One of the secret weapons in your arsenal for avoiding morning conversation is magic headphones. Headphones, although not actually magic, are the universal signal “I am not available to chat at this time.” Put them in your ears, even if they play nothing, and let the music of ignorance play.

Also buy brightly colored and patterned headphones. Not only will these things clearly indicate your need for solitude, but they will also divert the attention of your co-workers to your funky accessories.

Chapter Three: The mirage of occupation

To avoid morning chatter, it’s important to look busy. When you reach for the coffee machine, pretend to frantically check your phone. Even if you don’t have notifications, no one will know. Send a text message to your imaginary mother or make an urgent call from your imaginary boss. The occasional fake laugh in response to an undelivered message is a compelling addition to your presentation. No one will dare to bother you when you seem to be solving existential problems.

Chapter Four: Dribbling skills

The final chapter in the science of avoiding morning conversation is developing high-level evasion skills. When someone is trying to start a conversation, never look directly into their eyes. Stare at a point over her shoulder, which will give her the impression that you’re either deep in thought or looking at someone behind her. He also practiced the art of nonchalant submission. You nod your head from time to time, and mumble vaguely ” Yes “, “Hmm” or ” interesting, ” But without interrupting your contemplation of flowing coffee.

Another tip: To become a true avoidance ninja, install a small convex mirror behind the coffee machine. You will be able to monitor your colleagues’ movements without turning your head. This will give you a definite advantage in anticipating any conversational approach.

Conclusion: Silent victory

This concludes our exploration of the science of avoiding morning conversation. If you follow these valuable tips, you now have all the tools you need to navigate your way through your colleagues without sacrificing your precious morning peace.

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Remember, victory lies in your ability to finish your coffee in peace and start your work day in peaceful solitude. So, arm yourself with your mug, your magic headphones, your imaginary phone, and your dribbling skills, and proudly walk toward the coffee machine. The coffee machine is no longer your enemy, but has now become your ally in your quest for morning calm.

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