BioShock 4 is developed on Unreal Engine 5, new detail -

BioShock 4 could be exclusive to PS5, according to an alleged leak –

Bioshock 4 It’s not even officially introduced, but it does exist Enter the corridor It could beExclusively on the PS5It is a true trend of this next generation that has been fought over the sound of tentative partnerships and somewhat exclusive agreements.

In this case, the rumors are coming from Nick from XboxEra, ‘From the inside’ Whose reliability we do not know at the moment considering that she has guessed some things in the past but maybe not enough to trust in a very secure way.

However, inThe last episode of his podcast, The character in question has reported receiving information that BioShock 4 could be PS5 exclusive: We don’t know if Total or temporal, Although the second premise is more likely, 2K Games will also be among the many instances of the exclusivity agreement that Sony entered into in this PS5 release.

Perhaps, all that’s left is to waitE3 2021 For any confirmation, bearing in mind that BioShock 4 could be among the titles shown during the event by 2K Games, or in any case mentioned in some way during the various dates of these summer video games.

This would be a special reflection of the situation compared to the origins, considering that the first BioShock was temporarily exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC also for a very long time, given that it only arrived on the PS3 more than a year after the original release. It will also show just how daring Sony intends to secure exclusive games for PS5, especially with regard to those genres that are being discovered more often in the premise of first-party in-house products, such as First person shooter.

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At the moment, we still don’t know practically anything about BioShock 4, other than the fact that it is under development and may be based on Unreal Engine 5.

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