Android 12 is also updating emojis: here’s all the news

It is missing less and less with the arrival of Android 12 which, among other things, will also bring with it many new emojis. the details

Android 12 will introduce a lot of new emojis right away

A few days ago, the usual annual appointment with Google I / O 2021. It is an event during which Big G advances all of the company’s mid-term plans, At the software and hardware level. Soon it will arrive on the latest generation of smartphones Android 12, An updated version of the operating system.

It will come with many new features, starting with a completely revised interface and is more effective than ever before. The material will be the most drastic redesign in days Android 5.0 Lollipop Dell 2014. In addition to these changes, the new graphics now look sure As far as emoji is concerned, That will happen in total Bin 389.

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Android 12, all emojis will be available soon

World Emoji Day
Here are some peeks of what to expect in the coming weeks (Image: GETTY)

With the arrival Android 12Let’s get ready for a torrent of new emojis on the latest generation of smartphones. Google wants it to go big, and as announced during the traditional news presentation event, it will be there I’m 389 emoji. To check them one by one, just visit the Emojigraph portal and that’s it. Meanwhile, we can actually offer you Some previews of what the design will be like.

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For example, expressions a Coconut shape Now only half of the fruit will appear, while the Monte Fuji It will get rid of water and reflection. More details are also on Alarm clock and shopping cart, In addition to different smart phone Is on the list. For all the other news, all that remains is to wait for news from Big G.

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