Stargate connects two cities 400 kilometers apart

The cities of Vilnius (Lithuania) and Lublin (Poland) are just over 400 km away while the crow flies. However, they are now connected thanks to a strange connected gate called PORTAL. An artist initiative that allows passers-by from the two cities to communicate.

The epidemic forced us to stay at home, limiting our travel and denying us travel. Two Eastern European cities, Vilnius (Lithuania) and Lublin (Poland), decided to figuratively circumvent these restrictions. By connecting through the gateway.

This device reminds us of Stargate, but it actually is A screen that broadcasts in real time what is happening in the other city, It is located more than 400 km away. It is a “optical bridge” according to its makers. The first is located in Station Square, in Vilnius, while the second is located in the central square, in Lublin. Thus pedestrians can interact with each other from a distance. Yes, it adds up to nothing more than a Zoom meeting, but it is above all metaphorical.

Intercity star portal

The official project PORTAL website states that it was not designed in response to the Coronavirus, because it worked That started 5 years ago. However, the pandemic has put additional weight on these portals.

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Nice project and above all fun. It remains only to see whether residents will rejoice at such an initiative and whether they will try to communicate through an interconnected portal. As for the very specific shape of this device, its makers I willingly assumed their first inspiration:

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“Vilnius engineers and the linkmen┼│ fabrikas design center made the gate. They chose a circle, a popular science fiction symbol that can be distinguished for their visual bridge.”

At present, there are only two portals worldwide, but the official Vilnius page states that this project is still in its infancy and other cities may soon be connected in the same way. Nice and interesting project.

Source : Phil de Vilnius

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