Barilla takes pasta into space

Barilla takes pasta into space

3 Kilo Guns are about to take the biggest trip of their lives! Barilla, its brand, will send them to the International Space Station (ISS) on January 17 during the SpaceX Axiom Space-3 mission for a two-week stay. It's not about providing the astronauts with food – they have enough in stock – but about testing and evaluating pasta so that it can one day be included in the crew's diet.

Because what could be more comforting when you're away from your loved ones than enjoying a good plate of pasta? As Parrilla explained in a press release, the experiment called “Pasta in Space” will aim to “better understand the nutritional needs of astronauts in extreme conditions,” while in weightlessness, “the perception of flavors is completely different.”

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Ensure pasta consistency

Therefore, the Italian group did everything in its power to make the crew happy. On the menu: rifles, of course, accompanied by extra virgin olive oil and salt. What a dream! Logistically, things get complicated. It is not possible to boil water, and thus cook pasta, in microgravity. So, Barilla pre-cooked his dish, so the astronauts only had to reheat it.

“The process has been carefully developed to ensure that the pasta maintains its consistency and provides that wonderful resistance in the mouth,” asserts the brand. It also states, without further detailing its process, that its corn has been processed in such a way that it can be stored for a long time at room temperature, without containing preservatives or additives. practical !

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“Pasta in Space”, resulting from a collaboration between Barilla’s R&D team and the Italian government, as well as the Italian Air Force and Axiom Space, also aims to support the inclusion of Italian cuisine in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. No offense to Italians, it's been 13 years since the French delicacy appeared on the UNESCO list…

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