Jean-Marc Detour, former director of Espace 2M, was taken into police custody

Jean-Marc Detour, former director of Espace 2M, was taken into police custody

The subject of several complaints of ethical harassment when he ran the integration structure in Rouen, Jean-Marc Detour was taken into police custody at the beginning of the week for questioning by police.

Jean-Marc Detour was dismissed from the structure for serious misconduct*, in April 2023, following the denounced dysfunction in his social management within Espace 2M (Local Mission and Mife). He was particularly criticized for his administration, which was considered too authoritarian, with some reporting severe moral harassment. Many very eloquent testimonies were noted in the audit conducted by the Labor Inspectorate.

Descriptions of pressure and humiliation that would lead to anxiety, depression and 25 departures within two years from Espace 2M. Victims have come forward and numerous complaints have been filed.

He was dismissed from his position as director of Espace 2M for gross misconduct

On Monday, January 15, the former sports MP of the city of Rouen – and unsuccessful candidate for the 2020 municipal elections in Riorg – was taken into police custody at the Rouen police station for questioning, According to information revealed by our colleagues from progress, Other sources confirmed.

As a reminder, without any connection to this police detention and this aspect of the case, the president of Espace 2M, Dominique Bruyère, had several months ago filed a complaint on suspicion of irregular invoices related to renovation works within the building hosting the event. building.

Jacquet Pascal (with P.-O. Verot)

*Espace 2M is now managed by Fanny Fesnoux

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