Al-Bars says Morocco and Spain are negotiating the management of Sahara airspace

Al-Bars says Morocco and Spain are negotiating the management of Sahara airspace

Contrary to For secrets of the Iberian mediaMorocco and Spain are negotiating to control the airspace of Western Sahara. Announcement issued by José Manuel Albarez. The head of diplomacy stressed that “there is a point in the Joint Declaration (April 7, 2022, editor's note) that is public and relates to improving management, and this is what we are doing.” In an interview Given to El Perioico de España.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs did not want to confirm the transfer of control over Sahara airspace to Morocco: “We are talking about improving management. There is no ambiguity in this matter.” Point 7 of Joint declaration In fact, a Moroccan-Spanish company announces that “discussions will be initiated on airspace management” between the two countries.

As a reminder, the Spanish government admitted, in March 2023, in response to a written question from the Senator of the Canary Alliance, Fernando Clavijo, since his promotion to Prime Minister of the Canary Islands, that “discussions with Morocco regarding relinquishing control of the Canary Islands” had begun the airspace of Western Sahara. .

He added, “The negotiations with Morocco in this regard focus on airspace management and coordination between the two parties, in order to achieve greater security in communications and technical cooperation, in accordance with the seventh point of the declaration of the joint Moroccan-Spanish meeting dated April 7, 2022.” Jose Manuel Albarez confirmed.

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