Autodromo Monza, Aci: “Finally on the track, now we can start” – Chronicle

Monza – Twenty million euros in two years to fund Investments on the racetrack e 5 million more per year until 2025 to bear the costs Organizing the Italian Grand Prix Formula One. The treasury provided by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for Aci is “the tangibles that were missing before. A first step to collect the necessary amount as quickly as possible for all interventions on the racetrack”. Angelo Stecci Damiani, President of the Italian Automobile Club, asserts that he is “more confident” in the upcoming deadlines and appointments that await at Monza, starting with this year’s centenary.

Mr. President, what is the current situation? “The state’s contributions are an important turning point, and a way to begin to achieve what is necessary. I believe that the Lombardy region will also be able to play its part in terms of investments in the plant.”

On what terms? The region already guarantees 5 million Aci annually as a normal contribution to the organization of the Italian Grand Prix… “From today, the same amount will be covered by the Ministry of Economy (which also allocates the same amount to Enzo and Dino Ferrari from Imola, editor), so the region can direct 5 million as a share for the necessary work of the department. This would allow continuity of investments over time, which is an aspect very important to us.”

Waiting to locate the area, for works on the racetrack, you have 5 million available this year and another 15 in 2023. What can be done for the 100th anniversary of the Temple of Speed ​​that will be celebrated on the occasion of the September GP? “We are late, now we will have to run and we are ready to do it. Hopefully we can get the licenses in a short time. In the next few hours we will talk with the municipality of Monza, Cias and the Parco e Villa Consortium to understand if it is necessary. There is still Something. In the meantime, we weren’t sitting idly by. All the planning ready, we also started preparing invitations for bids (obviously subject to permits) to start immediately with works assignments ASAP.”

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But what interventions will you focus on this year? “The top priority is the construction of new tunnels and the rebuilding of the entire runway. These are two closely related works because the tunnels will have to cut the runway in several places.
We will also take advantage of the construction site to expand the asphalt belt at points that do not comply with the standards of the International Federation, which is an intervention that is not mandatory, but we still want to implement it. And again, I wish I could replace some of the wings with new ones, fully covered. But, I repeat, the priority is the path and the underpasses. Also because the new track has to be ready by the end of June because it has to be approved two months before the Grand Prix. Without the ready and perfect track there can be no GP.”

Therefore, the new year on the racetrack begins under the auspices of the best … “However, it is necessary to make the necessary timing of the works coincide with the Department’s waiver of the amounts.”

On the sporting front, on the other hand, while waiting for the official calendar of the season, what and how many possibilities are there to see Monza again as a stage of the Rally World? “We’re working on it, but it doesn’t depend (only) on us. New Zealand is in doubt, and we’re ready to confirm our presence. That commitment, combined with the Formula One Grand Prix at Monza and Imola being contract armored as well as all the sporting activities, is the merit of a complete chassis work.” , the extra gear that manages to keep so many feelings alive together.”

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