Mark Hunt sentenced to pay more than $375,000 in legal fees to the UFC

Mark Hunt sentenced to pay more than $375,000 in legal fees to the UFC

MMA – After taking the UFC to court, Mark Hunt was eventually ordered to pay the foundation $375,000 in legal costs.

Mark Hunt retired in 2018, after three losses in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The New Zealander retired with an MMA record of 13 wins and 14 losses.

In 2016, “The Super Samoan” faced Brock Lesnar for the UFC 200 Championship. The wrestling superstar won easily, by unanimous decision. However, the outcome of the fight was later changed to no contest after Lesnar failed a doping test.

Hunt then took legal action against the UFC, claiming that the organization was aware of Lesnar’s use of doping products. According to him, the UFC should have called off the fight. The New Zealander was expelled from the first instance in 2019. However, the Court of Appeal agreed to reopen the case last September.

In a flurry of enthusiasm, Hunt posted a video on Instagram To confront all his critics, including Dana White:

On the same topic:

“You idiots asked me a few moons ago if I was a player. I’m going to ask you the same question because you’ll never get rid of me.” I’m a fucking gangster and I have a rusty pitchfork waiting for all your bitch eyes. Dana White The Bra Better Kill Me. You and your girlfriends. You sluts, you’ve stolen too many fighters from among us. Finally, justice is about to fall on you, you villains. enjoy it! And everyone who laughed and said all kinds of launderettes, you could all kiss my black ass. You damned cowards. “

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His joy was short-lived, according to a report he published martial arts lawHe was reportedly eventually ordered to pay more than $375,000 in legal costs to the UFC.

According to the document, the UFC could have succeeded and would have used a clause stating that “the winning party could recover its legal fees and costs”.

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