Artificial Intelligence is coming to Galaxy Watch: Will it be a real game changer?

Artificial Intelligence is coming to Galaxy Watch: Will it be a real game changer?

The South Korean manufacturer is preparing to strike hard in the world of connected watches by launching its Galaxy Watch enhanced with artificial intelligence.

While tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the new generation of connected watches from Samsung, the latter has just announced excellent news. the The manufacturer revealed that it will integrate artificial intelligence into its new devices In order to provide innovative health-related functionality.

An alliance between Galaxy AI and Samsung Health

Recently, we have entered a new digital era, characterized by artificial intelligence. Tech giants are integrating them to offer features that change the way we interact with devices. Samsung is the leader in this field after having enriched it Galaxy S24 was recently launched, and let's not forget the Galaxy Watch that will arrive soon.

“Energy Points” for daily fitness tracking

The program will include “Energy Class”, which should allow us to better understand our daily fitness status. This tool will analyze your average sleep time, wake activity, heart rate variability, and other health-related data.

Power Points also promises to help users achieve their goals by providing useful information and motivating advice.

Special attention is paid to sleep

Samsung has paid great attention to sleep, through an AI-based algorithm dedicated to this function. It would be possible Visualize your heart rateE, his breathing rate and nocturnal movements during sleep. New fitness features will also make it easier to track workouts and progress.

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