Here's the latest Google Pixel news

Here's the latest Google Pixel news

Do you have a Pixel phone, watch, or tablet? So you will be happy to know that Google has just released a new update for its devices called “June Features Drop”. In the software: New features for your photos, calls, security, and more.

Google Pixel 8a // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

Firstly, Gemini NanoGoogle's most effective AI model for on-device tasks, is now available for the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel 8a as an upgrade option.

As a reminder, Gemini Nano is the smaller, more efficient version of Google's large language model suite. It's specifically designed to work on device hardware, making it ideal for tasks that require a quick response (such as text summarization).

This feature helps improve device performance and reduce power consumption. but that is not all ! Gemini Nano is also used to improve transcription of in-app conversations Recorder (audio recordings). In fact, it can now detect and list speakers' names to improve conversation transcription. This feature is especially useful for students, journalists, or many other professions who need to take notes during lectures or meetings.

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Source: Google

Pixel 8a, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro can now You can view content on a larger screen, such as a computer screen, by connecting via USB-C. This feature is ideal for people who need to work on documents on a larger screen to watch a video or presentation. With a larger screen, you can enjoy your favorite content in the best conditions.

Source: Google

Careers Find my device It's optimized to let you locate your phone even when it's turned off or when the battery is dead, keeping your location data encrypted and private. This feature is especially useful if your device is lost or stolen. but that is not all ! This feature is also perfect for people who tend to forget where they put their phone. With Find My Device, you can easily find your device in seconds.

Source: Google

Pixels can now automatically select the best moment for an HDR+ photo with a single press of the shutter, so you can easily take a photo where your face with a beautiful smile is in focus. You can manually choose which lens you want to use when taking photos, to give you more control over capturing the perfect photo.

Another welcome new feature: You can now perform a reverse phone number lookup directly from your call history.

Other new features for Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet

For pixel hours:

  • Vehicle collision detection has been added as a new safety feature for the Pixel Watch 2, giving you more ways to stay safe and get help when you need it most, even when you don't have a Pixel phone.
  • You can now link your PayPal account to Google Wallet on your watch for added convenience the next time you go to pay for something in the store.
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For Pixel tablet:

  • Your Pixel Tablet will now have richer doorbell notifications when in hub mode, to give you an idea of ​​who is at your door. You can talk to them through a one-on-one chat, or send them a quick reply.
  • The new Google Home Favorites widget gives you faster access to your compatible connected devices. You'll get quick, customizable home automation controls on the home screen of your phone and tablet, so you can access the thermostat or turn on the lights with just one tap.

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