It will be possible to play as a third character: new details on Xbox RPG |  X-Box

It will be possible to play as a third character: new details on Xbox RPG | X-Box

Microsoft promised to show more of the announced gameplay after the conference trailer, and it did. It's in a long video Deep dive The game is detailed for approximately 30 minutes, with a third-person mode introduced.

New details about the pardon

With game director Carrie Battle, we discover new details about the new RPG game from Obsidan, a company specializing in this field. Then new environments are highlighted, as well as new characters and a system of choices in dialogues.

The video also introduces us for the first time to a third-person perspective, which will be possible to activate if you prefer to play this way. The video then continues to show the game menus with inventory as well as the skill tree as in any good RPG. Naturally, certain skills will have an impact on dialogues and unlock certain options.

Very true to the recipe, Obsidian clearly confirms that the world of Avowed will contain its share of surprises and that the game will reward the most curious players. Overall, the proposal seems very strong and the developers are confident of respecting the release in 2024. The game is now in its final phase of development, a phase that is refining every detail before release.

While it's still unclear when exactly the game will be available, Obsidian's official website was briefly updated after the Xbox conference with a message stating that it will “release on November 12, 2024.” The reference has since been removed, but nothing is truly memorable online.

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