Zu den  Tricks in der „Star Wars“-Serie „The Mandalorian“ gehört die animierte Figur des späteren Jedi-Meisters Yoda als  Baby. Foto: imago images/Cinema Publishers Collection

Animation & Visual Effects Awards: VES Awards for ‘Midnight Sky’ and ‘Mandalorian’ Culture

One of the tricks in the Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” is the cartoon character of future Jedi master Yoda when he was an infant. Photo: Imago Images / Film Publishers Group

George Clooney’s science fiction thriller “The Midnight Sky”, the Pixar cartoon “Soul” and the fantasy series “The Mandalorian” were honored at the 19th VES Awards.

Stuttgart – The Visual Effects Association (VES) organizes film effects specialists and animators from all over the world. Each spring, the Hollywood-based organization awards Visual Effects (VFX) awards in various categories. This year’s winners include George Clooney’s science fiction thriller “The Midnight Sky,” the latest Pixar animation “Soul,” and the “Star Wars” spin-off series “The Mandalorian.” This was reported by the American film magazine “Deadline”.

George Clooney’s miserable Netflix production “The Midnight Sky” beat out among others Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” in “Realistic Feature Films” – the only nominated movie this year, and the other four could only be watched during broadcasts due to the pandemic. “The Midnight Sky” has also been nominated for a VFX Oscar, and since the VES Awards since 2002, 10 of the 18 major winners have also won an Academy Award. The Academy Awards will be awarded on April 25th.

Peter Jackson has been honored for his life’s work

Disney’s “Star Wars” spin-off movie “The Mandalorian” for bounty hunter won the award for “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Realistic Episode”. In addition, the series was awarded to future animated character Jedi Master Yoda.

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It also comes from the Disney Pixar cartoon “Soul” about a musician who finally gets a little closer to his life’s dream, but finds himself in the realm of the dead and tries to find his way into existence. “Soul” was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Other VES award winners include the “Lovecraft Country” series and the feature film “Mank”.

Actor Patton Oswalt and his character, Changing Monsters, hosted the 19th VES Awards, which were introduced online due to the pandemic. Director Peter Jackson received a VES award for his life’s work, and “Lord of the Rings” actress Cate Blanchett appeared as the sender. Jackson thanked him from afar from New Zealand and described himself as “the man who makes life as difficult for visual effects artists as possible.”

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