After Christmas sells for up to $ 800 Galaxy S20 Plus

With Christmas behind us, retailers will focus on After Christmas sales Over the next few days we have uncovered a fatal deal that you cannot miss.

For a limited time, take Samsung Up to $ 800 for the Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra Qualified barter smartphones. You’ll get an instant $ 250 discount plus an additional $ 550 off swap. after discount , The S20 Plus drops to $ 399.99, While that The S20 Ultra drops to $ 649.99.

Galaxy S20 Plus / S20 Ultra: Up to $ 800 off Samsung
For a limited time, Samsung is taking up to $ 800 off its Galaxy S20 Plus or Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphones. You’ll get $ 250 off Instant Savings and up to $ 550 with Swap Program. After the discounts, you can get the S20 Plus for as low as $ 399.99, or the S20 Ultra for $ 649.99. View the deal

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