$ 18M Lucky Ticket Winner for Boxing Day

The jackpot for Boxing Day inflated to $ 18 million. The attached photo

A lucky ticket holder from Oamaru got $ 18.25 million richer tonight after winning the Boxing Day Powerball Grand Prix.

The jackpot ballooned to one of 2020’s biggest wins on Wednesday after not recording a single winning number.

Tonight’s prize winner, who bought his ticket at the New World Waitaki in Oamaru, took home $ 18 million for Powerball and another $ 250,000 – a quarter of the $ 1 million first-division prize stake that was split between four players.

The other three tickets that didn’t have the correct Powerball number were worth $ 250,000 each – their share in Division One.

It was purchased from Four Square Matarangi in Whitianga, in MyLotto by a player from Tauranga, and on Countdown Church Street in Timaru.

The Lotto Triple Dip Christmas promo was also drawn with more than 300 additional prizes tonight, including one prize of $ 1 million in cash, five Jaguars and 300 prizes worth $ 5,000.

A lucky player from Oakland won his first promotion prize of $ 1 million. The winning coupon was sold at Mountain Road Pricecutter in Oakland.

The winning Jaguar coupon numbers and locations are:

Location and voucher numbers for Jaguar I-PACE SE winners.
Location and voucher numbers for Jaguar I-PACE SE winners.

The win crowns a year of Lotto players’ big jackpots – especially in the first months of 2020.

In May, it was revealed that Lotto had created 21 millionaires in the first 21 weeks of the year.

By the end of the fifth month of the year, there were 16 millionaires overnight with Lotto and Strike, as well as five millionaires with Powerball.

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In this year’s biggest draw, 10 lucky winners won $ 5 million each after sharing the massive $ 50 million Powerball prize in August.

After collecting the mega Lotto prizes, the winners must head to the Lotto head office in Auckland, where they are taken to a private room filled with champagne, chocolates, and even napkins meant for the sentimental genre. Winners also get a book full of helpful advice.

The 60-page book states, “The decision about what to do with your profits is entirely yours – and it will shape your future.”

We hope this booklet helps you understand the steps ahead, makes it easier to reach your goals, and of course, enjoy your gains!

“We wish you all the best for the future, and we hope that you look back on the day you discover that you are a winner as one of the happiest days of your life.”

Work schedule

The winners could find themselves at a high level, which is understandable, after a big win in lotto but right after the win it was not the time to brag.

One of the steps Lotto advised winners to follow is to create a work schedule to help determine what the winners want to do with their money.

Immediate action

• Decide who you want to say.

• Depositing funds in an interest-bearing bank account.

• Decide whether to spend the money immediately: what is the amount and for what?

• Talk to family and close friends about what you can do;

• Decide if you want professional advice, and if so, who to ask.

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Within a month

• Determine your new financial situation – how much money do you have and what do you owe?

• Start prioritizing what you want to do with your money.

• Make a list of your priorities.

Visit a financial advisor to discuss your position and new options.

From one to three months

• Review your list of priorities.

• Start creating a financial plan to determine how much money you have and what you can do with it;

• Update your will, or do one if you don’t have one.

From three to six months

• See what has happened since your gigantic win.

• Edit your priority list – if you need to;

• Complete your financial plan.

Six months to one year

• Review your financial situation and get further assistance if needed.

Ask yourself if you are getting what you want from your win.

• If not, write down what is wrong and what steps you can take to amend things;

• Take action to improve things.

Tips for previous winners

• Think before you spend: It is best to spend some time thinking about your profit and what you want to do with the money before you start buying;

Confidentiality: Be really careful with whomever you decide to tell about your good fortune;

• Financial Advice: Get help from a professional, they know what to plan for;

Enjoy: It is important to remember to spend time doing the things you have always wanted to do for fun, once you have locked up money in the future.

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Interesting facts about the big winners of the Lotto

• 85 per cent of the top winners continued to work, and remained in the same position as before their victory;

98% of top winners still buy lotto tickets regularly;

• 73 percent of the top winners surveyed won a Lucky Dip Ticket.

• 32% were in their Lotto store when they found out they had won, 27% checked online and 26% were watching live sweepstakes.

• 19% told the other half only, 31% told their immediate family, 8% told everyone and 5% kept it to themselves;

• 23% kept the winning ticket in their wallet or wallet, 11% in a drawer, and 5% under their pillow.

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