L'unité Covid du Centre hospitalier du Forez (site de Montbrison)

A second period of leave in light of a health crisis in the Loire hospitals

Two years after its appearance in France, the coronavirus doesn’t really appear to be easing. “We are not very hungry, we are breathing badly, we must not let ourselves get frustrated”And One of the six patients treated in Montbrisson testifies, currently at Christmas, in the COVID medicine unit at Frieze Hospital Centre.

And the intensive care unit is just as full, almost exclusively by unvaccinated patients. A real heartbreak for Corinne, exhausted since the beginning of the crisis: “There are still people who do not believe in the vaccine, nor in medicine and science. I invite them to come and see how things are going here for a few hours and to say goodbye to the sick who were carried by the virus…”

There we see it starting over and we don’t want that. Personally, I’m reaching the end of the road – Corinne, Covid unit nurse

At Hospital Friese, as in Saint-Étienne CHU, it is ensured that no caregiver who has taken leave for the year-end festivities is urgently called in. corn Some planned weekends were going well in Saint-Etienne : “When you are told overnight that you will finally have to help your colleagues in intensive care instead of waking up with your family, it upsets you,” Witnesses nurse anesthetist RaphaelAnd sorry”Services full of unvaccinated people who refuse scientific and free protection.”

On the other hand, this is a good thing, the ‘feeling powerless’ that Claire, a nurse, felt during the first wave disappears. We only know more about the pathology, thanks to research that is developing and treatments that work, such as mononuclear antibodies.

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