Mazmat.  Espace Midi wants to contribute to the cultural life of the city

Mazmat. Espace Midi wants to contribute to the cultural life of the city

Midi space is a new cultural venue in the city. A residence for artists, musicians, and software developers. These doors will open in April 2022.

Josephine Bode left Holland and fell in love with Mazamet!

They have re-equipped a large house to make guest rooms. I also fell in love with the very old building from the time of demarcation which is in the house next door which is now renovated. Josephine is a musician who plays the flute and specializes in creating and presenting innovative concerts and musical theater productions. She was joined by Maxime Solé, a circus artist with a passion for live performance, and Edward Maurer, musician and art director for more than 15 artist CDs: this is how “Espace Midi” was born, a residency for artists, musicians and software developers. A space that has not opened yet (it will be in April 2022) but the association wanted to discover it.

A multi-use cultural and artistic center

The former wool drying room, which over the years became a garage, then a dance school and sports hall, has been converted into a cultural and artistic center that aims to be versatile and adaptable to the different needs of its future users. On the ground floor we find the reception, changing rooms, a bar, a convivial space, a large multi-purpose room and a squash hall. Upstairs, a small apartment will allow the artists to stay. Next to the “cocoon”, a space for performances and rehearsals can accommodate small events. A continuation of “Le Dojo” is a large sports hall for dance, yoga and other forms of art and sports.

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The large rooms will be rented out to the associations.

Josephine Bode tells us about her vision for Espace Midi: “My dream is to make it a very open space. My guest rooms are residence for artists who benefit from a preferential rate but are open to everything. The world. Midi is an open and accessible space. I want visitors to come and exchange ideas. Midi Space It is a development platform for and with artists and creators.”

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