Besançon.  Gatherings are banned on December 31 in Dobbs in public

Besançon. Gatherings are banned on December 31 in Dobbs in public

The epidemic is still spreading across the country. As a precaution, the Governor of Dobbs issued an order in Dobb District, banning gatherings on public roads on December 31 and January 1. He also called on the mayors of all municipalities in the constituency to limit interactions as much as possible.

In light of the health context associated with Covid-19 and the very strong spread of the epidemic on the national territory, Prime Minister Jan Castex announced on Friday 17 December 2021 the publication of new measures. Also, in addition to the prefectural ordinance of November 25, 2021 requiring the wearing of a mask for all persons over the age of 11 in densely populated areas of the province, Jean-François Colombet, Governor of Doubs, indicated that it is up to the mayors of all municipalities In the department to reduce the interactions as much as possible, respect the gestures of the barrier and test themselves before the times of the combination of several people, or even abandonment.

“Stop dancing and festive activities”

Mayors are also strongly encouraged to avoid holding events with obvious health risks inside (party rooms, town halls, etc.) and outside (concerts or even fireworks with the public). This relates especially to New Year’s Eve in institutions open to the public. It is therefore asked to abandon dancing and festive activities that, by their nature, do not allow strict compliance with the wearing of masks and physical distancing, regardless of the meal that gathers the guests.

In order to facilitate the implementation of these recommendations, Jean-François Colombet, Governor of the Doubs, by prefectural decree of December 23, 2021, banned gatherings intended to celebrate the New Year in public places and disallowed disrespect. Friday, December 31, 00:00 am, until 1is being January 2022, midnight.

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Mayors have also been invited to postpone or cancel the welcome ceremonies in the event that it leads to large gatherings, particularly if a moment of coexistence follows.”

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